Ryla Seminar 28.3.-30.3.2008, Graz

[b]Energyautarc Region with renewable Energy, Vision goes Reality[/b] Energy is the basis of all activities and processes, biological and technical. The Oststeiermark has sufficient resources and technical capabilities to the total needed energy - heat, electricity and fuel - to provide for the autonomous region. Sustainable energy use and regional value-added, an ambitious road to a future of energy. We will show you with our Seminar the way how we will reach this goal and visit objects to see how far we are. [b]Organized from Multidistrict 1910/1920, Rotary Club Feldbach, Rotary Club Weiz, Rotaract Club Graz and University Graz[/b] The Seminar will be run by [b]Horst Fickel (RC Feldbach), [/b]born 1963 in Graz and work in Feldbach. 20 Years Research and Teaching, 12 years business experience at Siemens AG, 15 years of business experience in his own companies, 15 years Project Management and Consulting for Buildings Systems. 15 years experience and specialized in renewable Energy The seminar will be held in english. If there are less english spoken participants we will run the seminar in german. For the english participants we will have then interpreters. [b][mail]Contact[href]ryla(kwfat)rotary-feldbach(kwfdot)com[/href][/mail][/b] [b]Deadline for Hotel - Registration 29.2.2008[/b] [b]Deadline for Ryla- Registration 25.3.2008[/b] Hier könnt ihr das Video unseres RYL Seminars 2008 in Graz in eine verkleinerten Auflösung (15 MB 352x258) herunterladen. [link]Video klein[href]http://www.rotary.at/1910/download/club_news/50.[/href][/link] Das volle Video (DVD Qualität 110 MB) gibts auf unserem FTP zum Download [link]Video in DVD Qualität[href]https://businesswebmail.telekom.at/filestorage/MTAzMjI4MzM4NA[/href][/link] Das Video ist mit DIVX Codiert. Falls Ihr nichts seht könnt ihr die Treiber kostenlos herunterladen. [link]DIVX Treiber/[href]http://www.divx.com/divx/windows/[/href][/link]
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