Digitalisation and protection of patient's data

Schwerpunkt: Krankheitsvorsorge und -behandlung

Typ: International

Art: District Grant

Nummer: RCFB 43


Internationaler Partner: RC Feldbach (1910)

Host Partner: RC Srebrenica (1910)

Clubs: RC Feldbach (1910), RC Srebrenica (1910)

Distrikte: 1910

Partner: The Rotary Foundation

Projektziel: Aufbau einer Patienten bezogenen Datenbank

Projektbeginn: 30.07.2019

Projektende: 30.06.2020

Budget: 16000.-

Währung: Euro (€)

Land: Bosnien und Herzegowina

Ort: Socolac



Psychiatric Hospital Sokolac is one of the major institutions on the mental healthcare map of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Located in Republika Srpska (50 kilometers of Sarajevo), the Hospital, an integral element of the entity's public healthcare system, provides treatments first and foremost to patients from the RS with occasional referrals from the Federation BiH. With the tradition spanning over half a century and treatments currently provided to over 100 inpatients, the Hospital boasts a rich tradition and serves as one of the most significant providers of secondary mental healthcare in the country.

The work of the Hospital is organized in four wards: Male Acute Ward, Female Acute Ward, Male Rehabilitation Ward and Female Rehabilitation Ward.

For over 40 years there have been no significant renovatory works carried out in the Hospital's premises, except for renovation of the former forensic ward now occupied by the male acute patients. Due to all this, patients are cramped in over-populated wards.

To solve this problem, but also to create conditions for the admission of new patients these days are carried out repair works on one part of the building.


Kontaktperson: Günter Ertler

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