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RC Vienna Maria Theresia

„Serve globally“

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Welcome to Rotary Club Vienna Maria Theresia "Serve Globally"

Our Mission

  • In view of the unique history of origin of the club, including the choice to establish an English-speaking club in Vienna,

  • Taking into account its special relationship with the Diplomatic Academy founded by the club's name patron Maria Theresia,

  • In consideration of the particular makeup of its internationally minded members anchored around Vienna's many international organizations, institutions and business communities,

  • Recognizing, that diplomacy is a comprehensive skill not limited to the foreign service profession in the purpose of avoiding war and promoting world peace,

  • And inspired by a vision for a better, healthier, more peaceful and more equitable world,


the club strives 


  • to focus on international projects that can advance its vision of a better world, while not neglecting local projects in so far as they have a constructive bearing on such international topics, such as foreign relations,

  • and to invent, identify, initiate, develop, promote and support projects of international diplomacy in the wider sense, including civil society organizations, global health initiatives, charities and international business with the goal of improving all aspects of life that can help further peace and harmony among nations and its peoples.


RC Vienna Maria Theresia

Favoritenstraße 15a

1040 Wien


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