Interact Multi-District 1910/20 Newsletter N°1

Dear Interactors, dear Rotary community!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to a new rotarian year on behalf of the Interact Board of the Multi-District 1910/1920.

In these monthly newsletters I would like to inform all Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians as well as friends of the Rotary community about current events, conferences and any other important news concerning Interact. The newsletters will furthermore summarise the major happenings of the past month.

Due to the fact that Bosnia Herzegovina is a part of our district 1910, we decided to keep any updates regarding Interact in English. This year we will focus on building a strong bond with BIH and we have  therefore changed the official language of the Interact Multi-District 1910/1920 to English.

So, what has happened so far since July?

From the 29th June to the 1st July our 1st Interact Multi-District Conference took place in Vienna. Interactors from Austria and Bosnia Herzegovina enjoyed getting to know each other, spending time and working together. Throughout the weekend we covered all three pillars of Interact: Learning, Helping and Celebrating!

This is the link to our aftermovie: VideoMDConference18

The Interact Club of Ried-Haag organised our annual summer camp this year. From the 6th to the 9th of August we enjoyed four days of fun, action and developed new intimate friendships at the Attersee in Upper Austria. Pictures and impressions will soon be uploaded to our Facebook page. There you will also find more information about the ROTEX Rebound Weekend as well as the Meeting with chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


What is planned for the upcoming year?

The Interact Board is in the process of organising the Multi-District Conference of 2019 which will take place in Vienna. The location and date are not confirmed yet but we will be able to announce it soon.

The summer camp of 2019 will take place in Bosnia Herzegovina, which makes it more accessible for our Bosnian friends. We will inform you about further details as soon as possible.

The Intarconnect Kick-Off this year is on the 12th of October. You can find more information about the Intarconnect Mentoring and Generation Projects with the link below:

Above all, I'm excited to inform you that we'll be able to welcome new members to our Interact community. We are planning on founding two new Interact clubs in Waidhofen and Hollabrunn.


The newsletter for the next month will inform you of further events, so keep checking your mails!

Best wishes,

Nicolas Gleissner

Interact Representative for the Multi-District 1910/1920




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