DRR named Carinthian of the Day

DRR Anna Careen Schmid

Since July 1, Anna Careen Schmid (RAC Vienna Hofburg-St. Stephan) has been serving in her new role as District Rotaract Representative 1910. 

The focus of her year is on strengthening the three Rotaract pillars of helping-learning-celebrating. 


To strengthen the pillar "Learning", the former Interactor is planning numerous seminars on leadership topics for all Rotaractors. 


Due to her past as Interact representative Austria, strengthening the connection between interact and Rotaract is another important concern for her. 


Now the past president of the RAC Vienna Hofburg St. Stephan was awarded as Carinthian of the Year by the Kleine Zeitung. 


Shortly before, Sebastian Adami from RAC Klagenfurt was also named Carinthian of the Day for his support of Ukraine.



Copyright Picture: Anna Rauchberger/Pantarhei

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