A new Kiscamp is starting soon. 

The Rotaract KidsCamp offers children the opportunity to experience a varied and free short vacation in a tent camp away from everyday life.

An important common feature of all KidsCamps is the selection of children between the ages of 8 and 14, their full invitation through sponsorships, as well as religious and political independence.

In addition to the goal of giving the children a "vacation from everyday life", the values of friendship, team spirit and self-esteem are to be conveyed, as well as great joy.

At KidsCamp, the children will experience a mixture of many sports games, handicrafts, games without limits, hikes through the woods and campfire evenings together. In short: games, sports and lots of fun! Of course, we do not only pay attention to a fair and safe cooperation during all activities, but also to a balanced offer of three solid and high-quality meals per day and a good supply of drinks at any time.


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