From Rotaract Member to Master Baker: Veronika Dörfler Opens "Hefehaus" Bakery in Feldkirchen!



In an exciting development for the local community, Veronika Dörfler, a proud member of the Rotaract Club Klagenfurt, recently opened her own bakery called "Hefehaus" in Feldkirchen. Since its launch in May, the bakery has been delighting residents and visitors with the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread. Located at Hauptplatz 7, the historic Schober-Bäckerei premises have been revived, bringing back the art of traditional baking.


At Hefehaus, Bäckermeisterin Veronika Dörfler offers a delectable range of bread and pastries. From wholesome grain bread to gluten-free options, the bakery focuses on using regional and organic ingredients, without any additives. Customers can enjoy a variety of treats, including Zimt-Kardamon-Schnecken (cinnamon cardamom rolls) and grab a quick lunch at the cozy establishment.


What makes Hefehaus even more unique is its upcoming addition: homemade beer brewed by Veronika's partner, Daniel Knaller, a passionate engineer and brewer. Building on the historical connection between bakeries and breweries, the bakery will soon feature a selection of seasonal, top-fermented beer specialties. The initial offerings will include a "Pale Ale" and a "Belgian Witbier," with plans for more exciting brews in the future.


Veronika's entrepreneurial journey began around three years ago when she decided to follow her passion for baking. After gaining experience in the tourism industry and spending several years abroad, she felt a calling to return to her roots. The COVID-19 pandemic served as a turning point, motivating her to pursue her dream of becoming a skilled baker. Veronika immersed herself in the craft, working at a bakery in Klagenfurt while completing her master's training in Graz.


Beyond her personal aspirations, Veronika aims to enhance the image of the baking profession and make it more appealing, particularly to women. She believes that factors such as night shifts and physically demanding work in a male-dominated industry deter many individuals from considering a career in baking. By bringing a fresh perspective to Hefehaus and demonstrating the possibilities of a modern bakery, she hopes to inspire others, both women and men, to embrace artisanal crafts.


Hefehaus stands out not only for its high-quality products but also for its innovative approach. Veronika has implemented a different schedule compared to traditional bakeries, eliminating night shifts. The bakery opens for sales on Wednesdays to Fridays from 11 am and on Saturdays from 7:30 am. The baking process starts at 6 am on weekdays, allowing the team to work reasonable hours. Veronika drew inspiration from her travels and incorporated alternative concepts to create a more balanced and sustainable work environment.


Operating under strict organic certification, Hefehaus aims to foster a cool and welcoming atmosphere while empowering employees through autonomy and responsibility. Veronika leads a dedicated team, with a full-time baker and a part-time sales assistant supporting her in providing exceptional service to customers.


Looking ahead, Veronika envisions Hefehaus becoming an integral part of the daily shopping routine for Feldkirchen residents. She aspires to create a lasting connection with the community, where her bakery becomes a go-to destination for fresh and delicious baked goods.


As Veronika Dörfler continues to make waves in the culinary world, the Rotaract District 1910 proudly celebrates her accomplishments. With her passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence, Veronika represents a shining example of entrepreneurship and positive impact in the local community.

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