Leadership Training for Rotaract 1910 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Leadership Training for Rotaract 1910 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Goal: to grow and enhance the quality of leading in Rotaract Clubs in difficult times and develop leadership and professional skills

Dear Rotaractors in 1910,
on behalf of the Governor Christian Bammer and the Districttrainer Arno Kronhofer we invite you cordially to apply for the Leadership Training Seminar for Rotaract in 2023. It will take place in Doboj, BiH after the PETS 2023. The seminar is intended for Rotaractors in board functions (PE) from BiH and Austria and, in addition to learn about leadership, is also intended to promote exchange between the two countries in our District.

Date: April1st 2023 14.00-20:00 - April 2nd 2023 8:30- 15:00
Location: Doboj, BiH,Hotel Park Doboj, https://www.hotelparkdoboj.com/de/startseite/

Trainer: Johannes Thun-Hohenstein, Rotary academy, https://www.mindsetmanagement.at/team/
We have the honor to offer you the knowledge of an international trainer with an outstanding experience. Rotaract will be inspired and strengthened by leaders of all ages and their high quality. Especially young leaders experience challenging times with their teams in terms of motivation and attraction. Learning, helping and celebrating are the three pillars of the golden social experience of Rotaract. We will work on the following content:

  • How to lead, inspire and foster growth within young clubs/Rotaract?

  • Get to know best practise in communication and solution focus in leadership

  • What are appropriate patterns for organising and managing a Club?

  • How can leaders work with Rotarian diversity, with Rotarian values and role models as well as encouraging

    others to contribute to social projects?

  • Which chances can be developed through the Elevation of Rotaract?

    Our fabulous offer: The Seminar fees are covered by the Rotary Academy 1910, the transportation (gas, Km, optimized car usage) and housing costs (1 Night) will be covered by the District 1910. The consumption of food and drinks is to be paid by the participant.

    Application procedure:

    Please send your application as a PDF Document to DRR Anna Careen Schmid (anna.careen(kwfat)aol(kwfdot)at ) AND AG Zelimir Tesic (zuler2r(kwfat)gmail(kwfdot)com) until 31.12.2022. We will check on the application and send a confirmation at the end of January, so you are able to plan your schedule. In this case we ask for a deposit of € 30 to document your commitment for the training. The deposit will be refunded at the training.


For the Governor Crew 2022/23

Christian Bammer DG
Herbert Pfeiffer DGE
Erika Krenn-Neuwirth, DGN
Application questions: Go to the next side

PDG Arno Kronhofer, DT Anna Careen Schmid DRR Zelimir Tesic AG BiH

Rotary Verwaltungsverein Distrikt 1910

ZVR 719570794



  • Name

  • Club

  • What position have you held, do you currently hold at the club, will you fullfill in the next


  • Do you have any experience with leadership especially in the context of project

    management? If so, what kind of experience.

  • What does leadership mean to you in the context of Rotaract?

  • What do I wish to learn or be able to do through this seminar?

Rotary Verwaltungsverein Distrikt 1910 ZVR 719570794

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