Emergency Help Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 15th/16th: The first news regarding the terrible flood catastrophe were sent to the District. Nearly all Rotary Clubs in BiH asked for urgent help.
May 19th: The District Governor appointed a team of Austrian and Bosnian Rotarians. Furthermore the first call for donations was sent to all friends in D1910. A tax-privileged account was established.

May 20th: The first truck, loaded with baby food, nappies and water was shipped to BiH.
May 21st: the truck arrived at its destination Banja Luka. The local Rotary Club distributed the goods to Doboj, Šamac and Bijeljina. "Glas Srpske" wrote a short article about the first aid!

May 22nd: The Rotary Clubs were invited to send project proposals and lists including the immediate needs. The team decided to buy 60 dehumidifiers.
May 23rd: Collection of offers, calculation of costs and dozens of emails and phone calls. Necessary steps to realise such a huge transport of machines!

In the meantime, the many, many Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs organised a respectable amount of individual actions like the collection of food in supermarkets in Graz, as pumping out water, aid consignment, clean-up operations and many many more! Send us your pictures and good news.

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