Visit to Rotary picnic in Italy

Anel Ibralić ADRR for BiH in District 1910 with his crew from Rotaract Tuzla '99, Rotaract Brčko and Rotaract Doboj was presenting District 1910, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the projects we do.

Main objective was Rotary-Rotaract Camp Slobihita for people with visual disabilities which is a project by Rotaract Tuzla '99, and the project manager is Anel Ibralić.

This camp is now ongoing project which has a lot of potential, and it one of a kind.

A lot of people are interested in this project and his nature. This is the first cam for people with visual disabilities. We expect all clubs from Bosnia to get involved, as well as the clubs from Austria.

The first one was last year in July, and it was amazing.

This year is second one and at this moment we have more than 40 participants from Bosnia and around 10 from Croatia. We connect people with visual disabilities and helping them to get more involved in society by building their confidence. The main objective is to help them to be independent.

With a lot of workshops and fun we teach them to understand each other, but we teach ourselves to understand them.

Organization of this event and all the features are organized by Mr. Giancarlo Vesco, District 2060 with their governor Mr. Giuliano Ceccovini.

Participants of this event were Rotary clubs from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We had a pleasant time there, met a lot of people presented our District in a best way and had a lot of fun doing it.

We have collected 800 euros for the camp and collected a scholarship for one student of 1250 euro

Anel Ibralić

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