Rotary Club Srebrenica donates medical Equipment to the Psychiatric Hospital in Sokolac

 Psychiatric hospital in Sokolac received a valuable donation in medical equipment from the Rotary Club Srebrenica. Sixth truck of equipment out of ten planned trucks was delivered today. This institution received almost 100 beds, two ultrasound devices, tables for patient examination, monitors, wheelchairs, equipment for kitchen and living rooms, office supplies and furniture, and many other things.

Director of the Psychiatric hospital Sokolac Biljana Renovica-Cvijetić stated that she is very satisfied with the equipment which, although used, is in great condition and highly necessary.

"Since our hospital uses equipment which dates back to the seventies, it is clear that the equipment is in poor condition and that it hinders the work of hospital staff and the treatment of our patients, whom we currently have around 150. By installing the donated equipment, we will improve the conditions in the hospital and improve the work of hospital staff, and facilitate the stay of patients in this institution. We managed to renovate several rooms inside the facility which we furnished with the new equipment, and other rooms will be renovated as well. So far, we are missing bed linens for the beds which we received and on this occasion I would kindly ask all those who can help us to do it, because this is one of the most difficult categories of patients who often spend their entire life here," said Renovica-Cvijetić.

Project coordinator and president of the Rotary Club Srebrenica Nedeljko Simić stated that the medical equipment was provided by the Rotary Club Klosterneuburg from Austria and that transportation costs were financed by Novomatic Austria.

This is the continuation of a medical project initiated by Rotary clubs in BiH. First convoy of similar medical equipment was delivered in April 2014 to the hospital in Bihać, which was almost completely destroyed in a fire.

(Source: Nedeljko Simić, President &

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