Renovation of bathrooms

RC Srebrenica

Schwerpunkt: Wasser und Hygiene

Typ: Lokal

Art: District Grant

Projektziel: Renovation of bathrooms at Secondary Education Center in Srebrenica and at primary school Vuk Karadzic in Bratunac

Projektbeginn: 31.10.2016

Projektende: 30.06.2017

Budget: 9780

Währung: Euro (€)

Land: Bosnien und Herzegowina

Ort: Bratunac


Condition of bathrooms in both of the schools does not meet the minimal sanitary-technical standards and as such using them poses danger to children and youth, especially that in the Vuk Karadzic school those are the bathrooms designated for the youngest pupils.

Warn-out plumbing networks inside both of the buildings have not been upgraded or replaced in years, in result, it is not seldom that water and sewage leak from toilets, and through the floors, onto the ceilings bellow. This is particularly dangerous as parts of the ceiling, due to long exposure to water, started falling off. Same applies to floor and wall tiles which fall off around the children.

Water tank in one of the bathrooms is not working and as such flushing is almost impossible. The only cleaning of the bathrooms takes place once a day, after the children left the school and it is rather questionable given the poor condition of the facilities and inability to clean and disinfect it properly. Mainly, only the floors and squat toilets (still present at both schools) are washed with strong stream of water coming from a hose, this way the water leaks under broken tails and damages the floor and ceiling below.


Children have no access to warm water to wash hands, not seldom soap and toilet paper are missing. Without access to clean and functioning bathrooms, where hands can be washed properly, children are exposed to potential epidemics and illnesses that could be easily prevented. This is especially important with the youngest children who need to be able to establish healthy hygienic habits. At this stage, youngsters not often withhold and try not to use the bathroom until the leave the school- something that is unacceptable.


The following works need to be carried out in order to provide children and youngsters with access to clean, functioning bathrooms:


-  replacement of the plumbing network at all the flooors so that future leaking can be prevented (othwerise renovation of the bathrooms will be futile as they will get damaged by the leaking water very soon).

- renovation of the toilet cubicles: replacement of old squat toilets with modern toilet seats

- replacement of doors at cubicles

- replacement of tails on floors and walls

- replacement of sinks

- installing of liquid soap dispensers

- replacement and/or installing of heaters

- renovation of electric network


The project will be implemented and coordinated by the members of RC Srebrenica, with active participation of IAC members. Several members of IAC attend the two schools and as such promote ownership of the project.

The works have been planned for October 2016, they would be carried out simultaneously at both schools. Technical personnel at both schools, supported by IAC members, will actively participate in work preparation as to minimize the costs.


Kontaktperson: Nedeljko Simic

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