Demenz u. Sterbebegleitung

RC Bruck/Leitha-Neusiedl/See

Schwerpunkt: Krankheitsvorsorge und -behandlung

Typ: Lokal

Art: District Grant


Clubs: RC Wien Hofburg (1910), RC Wien Franz-Schubert (1910), RC Bruck/Leitha-Neusiedl/See

Projektziel: Unterstützung Demenz u. Sterbebegleitung

Projektbeginn: 11.01.2017

Projektende: 11.01.2017

Budget: 5.130

Währung: Euro (€)

Land: Österreich

Ort: Wien, Sacre Coeur


 A ,,Neujahrsempfang" (New year Reception) will be held in the crypt of the Sacre Coeur on the 11. January 2017. It is perceived of as an enjoyable get-together of rotarians (mainly); there are some formalities and entertainment, but it is primarily a "meet-and-greet" reception with a buffet, or opportunity for rotarians to meet socially in Vienna.

The proceeds are donated entirely to Caritas Socialis in support of this organisation's work in the area of dementia and their hospice for the dying (Demenz und Sterbebegleitung). This event has been held every year since its inception in 2009/2010, and with the same beneficiary.

This year, it is being officially promoted by three Rotary clubs:

RC Bruck/Leitha - Neusied/See (the club applying for a DG), and the event is being actively supported by RC Franz Schubert, which has been involved as co-host for several years, as well as RC Wien Hofburg, which has joined as co-host for the first time this year. This club is also providing financial support for the project.

Kontaktperson: Ciaran Cassidy

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