Anschaffung neuer Bücher für die Bibliothek einer Volksschule

RC Banja Luka Gloria

Schwerpunkt: Elementarbildung

Typ: Lokal

Art: District Grant


Clubs: RC Banja Luka Gloria (D1910)

Distrikte: D1910

Projektziel: Kindern das Lesen schon im Volksschulalter schmackhaft zu machen

Projektbeginn: 30.09.2016

Projektende: 30.06.2019

Budget: 3000

Währung: Euro (€)

Land: Bosnien und Herzegowina

Ort: Banja Luka


Art, culture and education play an indispensable role in everyone's life. It can be seen that young people, students and pre-school children are reading books less and less. They spend much more time in front of the television or on the computer, playing computer games or sending text messages on their mobile phones.

According to the statistics, this is already considered a very serious problem around the world, which should not be neglected. That's why we came up with this project: we want to buy new books for a primary school, including compulsory literature, reading material, textbooks for foreign language classes, as well as popular children's books.

Also, workshops have been planned for the students, where they will have the opportunity to listen to the lectures on the importance of reading, as well as to express their own opinions. The lecturers, the literature teachers and the local authors would teach the students all the positive and beautiful aspects of reading through their lectures.


Kontaktperson: Amira Zmiric

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