Ambulanz zur Heilung von Gaumenspalten, Give a smile, Beteiligung 2019

RC Bad Radkersburg

Schwerpunkt: Krankheitsvorsorge und -behandlung

Typ: International

Art: Global Grant

Nummer: GG 1984 890


Internationaler Partner: Bad Radkersburg (1910)

Host Partner: Timisoara Ripensis (2241)

Clubs: Timisoara Cetate (2241), Timisoara (2241), Buzias (2241)

Distrikte: 2241, 1910

Projektziel: we intend to support the developement of a Regional Treatment Center for Cleft Lip and Palate at the Pediatric Surgery Department of Louis Turcanu Emergency Hospital for Children, in Timisoara.

Projektbeginn: 01.01.2019

Projektende: 31.12.2020

Budget: 105.440,-

Währung: US-Dollar ($)

Land: Rumänien

Ort: Timisoara



One of our main focus area as a Rotarian club is health care. Therefore, as we allready have on many occasions, we intend to support the developement of a Regional Treatment Center for Cleft Lip and Palate at the Pediatric Surgery Department of Louis Turcanu Emergency Hospital for Children, in Timisoara.
In Romania there are around 100 cases every year, of newborns with some form of cleft lip and palate. The Louis Turcanu Emergency Hospital for Children, a center with tradition in the treatment of theese malformations ( over 4000 children operated here, over time ), is no longer able to provide easy organised and efficient treatment for these patients. This problem is reflected by the fact that many of them are reffered to private centers in the country, where treatment is expensive and waiting lists are long. The absence of public accesible treatment centers has opened the gates of our country to many foreign humanitarian projects that organise missions in Galati, Braila, Calarasi , Botosani, providing surgical treatment (even in places as modified train wagons). The treatment of these patients is not completed in one stage, so the patients operated during
these missions remain in the care of many local doctors who lack the propper training, thus results over time are not optimal. The treatment of cleft lip and palate is complex, spans over a long period of time (17-18 years) and involves many different types of specialists such as oral and maxilo-facial surgeons, pediatric surgeons, plastic surgeons, dentists and orthodonts, speech therapists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and psychologists.
Profesor doctor Eugen Boia, head of pediatric surgery department in Louis Turcanu Hospital is developing a project that aims to establish a performant and easily accesible public health center for the tratment of cleft lip and palate. He coordinates a team of surgeons with experience in the treatment of theese malformations, such as doctor Paraschivescu, an oral and maxilo-facial surgeon with over 15 years of experience, who was trained in Zurich- Switzerland, with Prof. Dr. Herman Sailer, in India with Prof. Dr. Srinivas Gosla Reddy. Doctor Corina Stanciulescu is a pediatric surgeon that also trained with prof. Srinivas Gosla Reddy in Hyderabad. Mihai Ioan is a resident oral and maxilo-facial surgeon that has trained at the GSR Craniofacial Institute.
Given the complex approach that is required for treating these patients, the surgical procedures needs to be performed by highly trained surgeons with highly specialised equipment.
We endorse the development of a centre that offers propper treatment of children with cleft lip and palace, reducing mortality, morbidity thus helping these individuals become integrated in the social environment.
Our club support on developing this centre is helping the hospital with donations of equipment as:
electrodermatom, nerves stimulator, radiocautery, operating room led lamp, surgical magnifiers and light for surgical magnifiers, piezosurgery device, surgical markers, surgical instruments, orthognatic fixation, device for expanding skin grafts, phisyodispenser.


Kontaktperson: Reinhard Leuchs

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