Frühchenstation Ljubljana Intensive Labors 2017, Beteiligung

RC Bad Radkersburg

Schwerpunkt: Gesundheit von Mutter und Kind

Typ: International

Art: Global Grant

Nummer: GG 1756 100


Host Partner: Ljubljana 25

Projektziel: Renovierung Frühchenstation wird noch ergänzt

Projektbeginn: 01.01.2017

Projektende: 31.12.2017

Budget: 56.010

Währung: US-Dollar ($)

Land: Slowenien

Ort: Ljubljana


Project Overview

The objective of this Global Grant is to raise financial funds for the purchase of equipment and refurbishing of the labor ward's special room for high risk deliveries at the Maternity hospital of University Medical Center Ljubljana. The Maternity hospital Ljubljana is a nationally important tertiary center where the majority of very high risk deliveries in Slovenia take place. High risk deliveries are all deliveries where mothers are severely ill (they may have chronic diseases (e.g., cardiac diseases or diseases related to pregnancy (severe preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome among the most common ones)) or where problems are expected in newborns because of pre-maturity, severe growth restriction or congenital anomalies. All twin deliveries are also considered to be high risk deliveries. In high risk deliveries, more and better equipment is required to ensure adequate monitoring of mothers and babies for early recognition and prevention of complications. 
At the Maternity hospital Ljubljana 11 delivery rooms are available. All were equipped twenty-nine years ago and none of them is equipped on purpose/specially for high risk deliveries, although in Slovenia we have a relatively high proportion of high risk deliveries. Regular delivery rooms often need to be settled for high risk deliveries when this is needed. This is not practical and can be an unnecessary issue in emergency cases. In addition, the ward equipment is insufficient and in many cases outdated and worn out.
In modern units around the world, high risk delivery rooms with equipment for monitoring and treating mothers and babies are a standard.
The value of the Project is estimated at (least) EUR 100,000. This includes refurbishment of the high-risk delivery room in labor ward and the acquisition of special equipment.
The objectives of this global grant is to improve the situation in which the high risk deliveries take place and to reduce complications of labor and consequently mortality and morbidity rate for mothers and children, inter alia (i) reducing the low APGAR score of newborns, (ii) decreasing severe maternal complications due to labor and (iii) increasing the number of maternal and child health professionals trained with modern and up-to-date equipment. 
In a nutshell - we want to ensure that more women can deliver their babies safely in all of Slovenia.

Kontaktperson: Reinhard Leuchs

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