A park for every block

RC Lukavac

Schwerpunkt: Soziales

Typ: International

Art: District Grant


Partner: City of Lukavac, RC Tuzla

Projektziel: Establishment of playgrounds

Projektbeginn: 01.08.2019

Projektende: 30.06.2021

Budget: 10300

Währung: Euro (€)

Land: Bosnien und Herzegowina

Ort: Lukavac


The issue of outdoor children's play is especially important nowadays, due to the changing lifestyle of children who spend less time outdoors, and more and more indoors with digital media. New technologies have become the "space" of children's games almost to the same extent as streets or playgrounds. In this light, it is illusory to think that children's playgrounds can replace the experiences offered by the "digital world", but it is realistic to think about innovations and interventions in open spaces that will be able to compete with "animated, virtual or digital playgrounds." Consequently, decreased physical activity is considered to be one of the causes of increased body weight and obesity in children, along with all other accompanying health consequences. 

The need for play is inherent to every child, and the cognitive process of the social and material world begins right through playing in the environment in which the child grows up. Play occurs in any environment in which children unconsciously find a place to play (green area, forest, children's playground, market, etc.) and it affects the child's physical, cognitive and emotional development and the development of social skills. While the children play for fun, it is also a universal education system and an important part of a healthy lifestyle of Children. 

Our city, Lukavac, has expanded the number of housing units and the number of inhabitants in the city in the last 20 years by 25%. In proportion to the increase in the population, the number of children increases, which, unfortunately, do not have adequate areas for the game in the city. More precisely, there is a children's park located in the courtyard of the kindergarten, which is not enough to meet the needs of children from all parts of the city. The name of the project is "Parkić for each kvartić" - Small Park for Every Block, would enable an easier and closer access to parents and children, to play and fun. 

The project would contribute to a healthier development in children, nicer and neater appearance of the city, but also the promotion of our project partners, as well as the Club. 

Since the Rotary Club Lukavac celebrates its 10 years of existence this year, this would be a great opportunity to give a beautiful park for children's activities to our city and its youngest Population.

For the construction and arrangement of the children's playground, two locations are planned. For the first location provided surfaces for setting up small park is 60-80 square meters, and for the other one it is provided 100 square meters.

The sites planned for the installed playground are protected from traffic, away from the street and with sufficient greenery and natural shade. 

In addition to the listed children's playgrounds in the proposal, it is  also necessary to plan the costs of the flooring, seat bench and garbage cans, paint for concrete in order to be able to draw several children's games on a concrete base (for example, school, do not get angry, etc.) ., installation of playgrounds, boards with descriptions of the Rotary club and the project partners, warnings (certificates) for children.

For safety during the game the installation of one of the substrates is needed; rubber substrate (according to the standard for children's playgrounds, it is certainly a good backing but significantly more expensive than the river faction - pebbles) 

Or river faction - pebbles (river faction is also according to the standard for children's playgrounds and meets all the needs and most frequently used, it is much more favorable in relation to the rubber substrate). 

Usually, two side playgrounds are recommended. One side playground is intended for the youngest, age of 1-3 years, and the other side of the playground is intended for the age of 3-14 years. It is good that the playground is split so that all children can make the most of the playground. 

In terms of materials: metal construction, hot-dip galvanized, powder coating, HDPE plastic on roofs and fences, slides HDPE + inox. All playgrounds are made according to the standard for the safety of children's playgrounds BAS EN 1176. As for the wooden playground, the wood is mainly subject to the deep-impregnation process in the chamber under high pressure, which ensures long-lasting and resistance to all weather conditions. 


The survival and further development of the parks will be taken care of by the local authorities as well as the Rotary club Lukavac. 

The project would contribute to a healthier development in children, nicer and neater appearance of the city, but also the promotion of our project partners, as well as the Club.

Type of activity:

The project would contribute to the healthier development of children, develop social skils, municipal development.

Kontaktperson: Emina Omerović

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