Hand Hygiene against Disease!

RC Banja Luka Gloria

Schwerpunkt: Krankheitsvorsorge und -behandlung

Typ: International

Art: District Grant


Clubs: RC Banja Luka (1910)

Distrikte: 1910

Projektziel: 17 Primary Schools in Banja Luka to get Hand Sanitiser Machines and disinfectant refills

Projektbeginn: 01.06.2020

Projektende: 30.06.2020

Budget: 2000

Währung: Euro (€)

Land: Bosnien und Herzegowina

Ort: Banja Luka


 Purchase and installation of wall dispensers and hand disinfectants for primary schools in Banja Luka, as well as educating pupils on the importance of proper and regular handwashing and disinfection.

The main goal of the project is to provide the conditions for pupils and school staff to be able to disinfect hands regularly, and to educate pupils about the importance of proper washing and disinfection of hands, after they return to their classrooms.

We can achieve this goal by purchasing and installing wall dispensers in all primary schools in Banja Luka, and by purchasing and delivering hand disinfectants. Also, as part of the project, the teaching staff of each school would organise a workshops on the importance of regular hand disinfection and maintaining hygiene in general. Next to each wall dispenser,

we would place poster that would instruct students on the importance of hand disinfection,

with certain messages in order to motivate them to disinfect their hands regularly.

The project should include all primary schools in Banja Luka (17 schools) as follows:

OS PP Njegos, OS Sveti Sava, OS Aleksa Santic, OS Borisav Stankovic, OS Milos Crnjanski, OS

Branko Radicevic, OS Branko Copic, OS VS Karadzic, OS GS Rakovski, OS Dositej

Obradovic, OS JJ Zmaj, OS Ivo Andric, OS IG Kovacic, OS Jovan Cvijic, OS Nikola Tesla,

Centar Zastiti me/Educational institution for children with intellectual disabilities and

special needs, Rehabilitation center for children

with hearing and speech disabilities.

We would install an average of 5 dispensers in each school, and deliver disinfectants. The

number of dispensers installed per school would depend on the number of pupils in that

school and the layout of the school building.


Kontaktperson: Zeljka Krkoska

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