Ukrainian Danube-Camp

RC Wien-Süd

Schwerpunkt: Frieden und Konfliktvermeidung

Typ: International

Art: District Grant

Nummer: 3


Host Partner: RC Wien-Süd (1910)

Clubs: RC Tulln (1910)

Projektziel: Eine schöne, friedliche, interessante Woche von Jugendlichen (13 Jahre) aus der Ukraine und Österreich.

Projektbeginn: 22.07.2022

Projektende: 31.07.2022

Budget: 7.000

Währung: Euro (€)

Land: Österreich

Ort: Tulln an der Donau



"Danube-Camps" are "Science- and Culture-Camps" in the Danube-Region, originally motivated by the "Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM)", originally supported, and registered by ERASMUS+, the EU-Youth-Exchange-Program, in 2019 and also in 2021 (but not for 2022), coordinated by the association "International Cultural Communication" (ICC, Vienna, Austria), with a local management on the spot.



Main goal: To enjoy a summer together forming friendships across language barriers and borders, learning from each other and return home enriched!

The participating teens from the Danube wider region perform together special (possible) "Missions" like building robots, tinkering, but also making music, playing theatre, researching in scientific experiments, experimenting to make the largest soap-bubbles, cooking for all participants together, dancing, singing, playing games, sports and detecting nature and learning about Europe, European Union, and Human Rights.

The teens also create their own camp-rules and the consequences if broken.

A special pedagogical system assures that the teens meet and work together with all others. Permanent TEAMS with 3 teens from the same country are formed. Each TEAM worked together with another, daily changing TEAM from another country in GROUPS (= 6 teens).

The Teens experience other languages, especially English as the main language in the Danube-Camps, but also new cultures and the careful and the secure use of their smartphones, all under the guidance of Coaches.

The main objective is to provide cultural encounters between youngsters in the wider Danube region wherever water flows into the Danube, from the Ukraine and Romania to Italy and Switzerland.

Therefore, the Danube-Camp can be called a "Culture and Peace Project".


The next Danube-Camp will be the "Ukrainian Danube-Camp 2022" in "Tulln an der Donau", 60 km West of Vienna. 12 Ukrainian teens already living in Austria, who fled from the war, and 6 Austrian teens  - all around 13 years, equal number of girls and boys - will participate - plus 3 Coaches, one speaking Ukrainian, and two Austrian Coaches.

All participants, teens and coaches receive 3 free meals per day.

The only requirements for the teens are (A) some English knowledge as usual for their age and (B) appropriate handling skills of smartphones - with tariffs and apps to search information, pictures, and texts at the camp´s location. We will train the teens to use their smartphones efficient, cautious, smart, and secure; and of course: being interested in the world.

The teens of each country will be supported and guided by experienced coaches of their country.


Teens and their parents apply for questions or participation directly to Peter Rebernik via email to: office(kwfat)danube-camps(kwfdot)net.



Kontaktperson: Peter Rebernik

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