06./07.04.2024 - D1910 Presidents-elect Training Seminar (PETS) - Brcko / Bosnia i Herzegovina

Key data

Admitted participants:
For reasons of space, we ask for your understanding that only registrations of the following groups of persons are considered. Registrations of other members will be deleted or canceled without comment.

  • Rotaract President:Inner-elect for the Club Year 2023/24
  • Rotary President:Inner-elect for the Club Year 2023/24
  • Immediate Past District Governor
  • District Governor
  • District Governor nominee
  • District Governor-nominee designate
  • Assistant Governor of the District 1910 for the Club Year 2024/25
  • District Committee Chairs of District 1910 for Club Year 2024/25
  • Trainers:within the PETS


  • Saturday, April 6, 2024 and Sunday, April 7, 2024, start: approx. 2 p. m.
  • Details under "Programme"


  • Hotel Jelena Brčko Bulevar mira 5, Brčko 76100, BiH


We recommend the Hotel Jelena Brčko (Hotel Jelena | Brčko - Početna (hotel-jelena.com)). Please make a reservation by email recepcija(kwfat)hotel-jelena(kwfdot)com or by telephone with the password "Rotary". We have a limited number of rooms until mid-march. Should this be exhausted, the hotel staff can make recommendations for further accommodations.

Important, please read:

  • No room reservation will be made with the registration below.
  • The cost of accommodation is to be borne by the participants or the clubs themselves.


The Rotary Academy of the District 1910 and the District Governor-elect have already begun to develop the program and will offer you a varied event. The details of the program will be provided about 1 week before the seminar.

Important, please read:

  • The cost of drinks during dinner and lunch is borne by the participants or the clubs themselves.


  • If you are unable to come, please contact Vanessa Loskot (rotary1910@rotary. at) to arrange a replacement appointment (e. g. PETS in D1920).
  • Attendance at PETS is mandatory for the President-elect. This means that you cannot take over your office and your predecessor(s) must continue to take over the club function if you have not completed a President Elect Training Seminar by the beginning of the Rotary year 2024/25.
  • The costs of participation in the seminar for Président:innen-elect are generally covered by the membership fee 2024/25.
  • Please note that photo and video recordings will be made during the event.
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