Dear Fellow Rotarians,

we - this is the newly formed ICC Austria-Serbia-Montenegro Team - are indeed very excited to be able to introduce to you our initial presentation of activities & intentions. For your kind personal attention, please see the attached paper "ICC PRES A- SRB-MNE offcl Vers.". It goes without saying that comments and observations are most kindly welcome.

It is particularly this historically very significant region - not far away from Austrian borders - that does duly deserve our full Rotarian support on any of the their projects ; be it W&S ( as already started) or numerous COMMUNITY activities ( as already in motion in various places) and many others..

One of our main focusses lies on fostering actively the ROTARIAN YOUTH  - the future of Rotary and the future of our wellbeing! We must always remember that these countries must always be understood being part of EUROPE. We should support any European initiative that helps our ICC partner countries on their "path to EU".  Erhard Busek  says it clearly in the title of his book (with Sebastian Schäffer) ©" Balkan goes Europe - immediately", we want to say: "Serbia & Montenegro go EU - immediately!"

Welcome and many thanks for your Rotarian support and participation in this exciting journey! Your endeavours are indeed very much appreciated!

Yours sincerely,
Rot. Andreas Vögl (Chair): RC Wien-Hofburg
Rot. Dietmar Böckmann: RC Wien-Hofburg
Rot. Herbert Pfeiffer: RC Wien-Stadtpark
Rot. Ranko Vujačić: RC Wien-Hofburg

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