Distrikt Veranstaltungen

30.06.2017 - 01.07.2017 - Distrikt 1920 - Ort: Linz

Distrikskonferenz 1920

01.07.2017 - Distrikt 1910 - Ort: Golfplatz Erzherzog Johann (Maria Lankowitz)

4. Charity Golfturnier des RC Voitsberg-Köflach

08.07.2017 - Distrikt 1910 - Ort: Bihać

14. Rotary Voz / Vlak / Train

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10.06.2017 - Distrikt 1910, Distrikt 1920, Innerwheel


11.04.2017 - Distrikt 1910


23.03.2017 -

Award for the RC Srebrenica

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Sharon Ehrlich, President of the RC Vienna International, cordially invites to a charity cabaret that will feature the newest program from the performer Helmuth Vavra called Che GueVavra. The event will take place on 25 March at 19:30 at the CasaNova theatre. All of the details about the show, ticket prices and how to purchase tickets can be found in the invitation.  
The proceeds from this benefit will support a new program established by Wiener Frauenhäuser which has the goal of empowering women who have survived domestic abuse.

Tickets purchased via email cabaret(kwfat)rcvi(kwfdot)at will also include a raffle ticket for each seat purchased. Helmuth Vavra will draw the raffle tickets at the end of the performance and announce the winners. Please note that the performance will be in German so that we have the possibility to sell the maximum amount of tickets to guests outside of our English speaking Rotary family.

See yoou soon!